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Love – the biggest value, is it?

Well, let’s get start in a point when I found myself in hard moment of my life. I was feeling unhappy, lonely and I was feeling that something was wrong. I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t tell anyone what is really wrong, because I couldn’t define that. People were crossing my borders and I was […]

So how is it with relationships?

Many of us know it 😀 many wait on this „one” but actually something like ‘this one’ doesn’t exist. Cuz’ it’s you and that second person choose to each one – by decision or bed-stuffs choose for you both, but anyway relation depends from your mutual decision. Anyhow, relationship will never be perfect. And indeed […]

For what?

Have you ever thought About destination..? About why God create you? Then.. In that hospital in that you were born.. or in other place than hospital  Just you as you are. With your all specificity.. Do you know that God has power to reject from you all your guilt, all your pain, all your weakness, […]

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