In what way you still don’t help yourself?

People deep inside want happiness. In fact, unknowingly we often get closer to something completely opposite.

And often, we don’t even know what happiness really is. So in this article we’ll focus on what it surely isn’t in order to exclude additional misery and pain. At least, we can know what to avoid and where to not go.

I warn u – in the text there’s irony 😉
  1. Overfeed sweets and fast foods every day & every night, drink fizzy drinks and sleep irregularly. Dysregulation is a first step to feel worse and to get worse every aspect of your life.

2. Have a casual sex & get pregnant, not being emotionally (and in general psychically) prepared to be parent. Having no house and hoping it’ll work somehow, providing much pain to your kids. Drug, smoke, drink much etc., though, yolo. Repeat mistakes which the world repeats for ages, run away from pain in mentioned things, give alcoholism a high five etc. It all will heal you surely.

3. Complain. Look for cons. Be convinced that there’s nothing for you in this world. Look for culprits and problems (seek and you’ll find), hate, don’t forgive, worry about everything without exceptions.

4. Go to work in which you feel humiliated, in which you don’t do what you want to, get stuck there, do nothing in order to get out, suppress anger which you have towards boss and take it out on people with whom you live. Though, in the workplace we spend barely one third of our lives…

5. Get yourself in toxic relations which harm you. Let them use you. Sacrifice yourself for manipulators. Especially if you’re a highly senstive person, burn out thanks hanging out with people who pull you down.

6. Do what they all say without hearing what you really want to. Just be obedient to everybody, but you, because everybody knows better. In a word, be passive. Don’t steer your life by yourself, let them decide for you. Don’t defend borders.  

7. Repeat old schemes: carry on quarreling with your mother-in-low instead of taking a calm nap, tease your mate when you see his life goes better instead of taking steps to earn your comfort, insult your kids hoping that insulting will change behaviour of the kid this time.

8. Remember to overuse words and thoughts like: „problem”, „I must this and I have to that”, “I should…”. Don’t forget about phrases like: „I’m the worst and I’m worth very little”, “I’m good for nothing”, “I will never achieve a success”, “I can’t & I won’t learn it”, “Big things aren’t for me” etc. In this way you’ll program yourself according with words which you say and think to yourself. Believe your things can’t be done, have faith that everyone is bad, overuse cuss words, surround yourself with everything what is evil.

9. Abandon your passions, and if you haven’t found them so far, don’t even start look for them. Waste your time scrolling fb, memes, watching stupid videos hour after hour, take an interest in your acquaintances from fb, beg for likes. Live ONLY in present moment, don’t invest, depart from own life goals, lose your energy on shits, put your own life for ‘later’ – question is will ever that ‘later’ comes… But never mind, just live in immediate gratification.

10. Fight with the reality – this way u’ll never get over existing state and never reevaluate your life to move on.          

Of course, above ten points don’t exhaust the subject, however I don’t want to overwhelm you nor me, therefore I’ve chosen ten in the post. At times I feel overwhelmed when I see long articles and I don’t read them too often, so recently I make shorter contents.

I don’t encourage you to quick sex, get pregnant etc. It was only such motivational form in order to you take some good action 😉 

Do you have any reflection? If yes, share in comments.

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