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In a nutshell, I write under the pseudonym Lus Heart. I’m curious about psychology. On a daily basis I involve in deepening of personal development and I create this blog – Psychollopment. Moreover, I write e-books about valuable and important matters. You can buy them online.

My desire and sense is to help people, make this world better and prevent unnecessary self-harming, that’s why I share my knowledge with you.

I realize that many people need help, and they don’t have right support in own families nor other environment in which they remain. Fear of opening up and uncertainty how humans would react in the reality to our difficulties block us. In this situation Psychollopment moves in order to bring you some warmth, sense of safety, good knowledge and possibility of growing up.  

You can develop psychically, no matter how old are you, how much money you possess, how much you are in hard position. Begin where you are. Today and here is starting point.  

On my website you can meet issues like self-acceptance, understanding processes which happen in human mind, emotions, parenting, healthy life, relations and similar things which contain psychology.

You’ll also find here my reflections about world, references to spirituality and philosophy.    

As for me, besides psychology, personal development and having reflections, I enjoy singing, eating pork loins, analyzing different situations, and I am a highly sensitive person (HSP) 🙂

And Psychollompent is a place for people who want to develop, broaden own awareness, live better, better cope with difficulties, think healthier and break out of harmful schemas which society imposed on us.

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