When you don’t know what to do with life

Sometimes we wake up without anything. There’s pandemic, and many of us woke up without work. We spend too much time in four walls, and we’re jumpy because family is getting on our nerves or we just meet with truths about ourselves. We’re sick of problems. We become sensitive to every subsequent difficulty especially if we’re young and we step into adulthood. Frequent variability emotions, we want to get out but we’re in quarantine, we wanna live normal and not rarely it turns out that we need go to psychotherapy. But there are long queues to psychotherapists, and we have to live somehow. So where to begin? What to do with life?

  1. Do anything. Wash your hair if it needs washing, do small body workout (15 minutes), go for a walk, meditate a while, talk with somebody (but don’t ask for advice), do something good or neutral what will give you a little peace, eat if you’re hungry… Focus on one task, gently try to come back to the task when you hear in head that you have billion things to do or when your mind is thinking the same things again. You won’t do everything at once. One thing. When you’ll lose focus, tell yourself “ok, I got distracted, that’s okay, I’m coming back to… reading, talking, anything what I was doing a while ago”. Focus on what you need.

2. Consider, think over what next. What is the most important? Plan a week. Try to hear yourself and get to know where you want to go to work. Plan getting out of the house, going to people. Plan what you’ll do when you will have intrusive thoughts next time, write down those suggestions. Plan what you can do when you’ll feel again that you need a lot of acceptance and kindness, what will you do if nobody’s around? What would you want to hear? Tell it to yourself. Maybe you need to prepare a nice blanket to wrap you? Maybe buy a giant teddy bear for yourself?

Wonder how to solve at least small piece of big problem, what piece you can move somehow? Is there anything what you can do today, tomorrow, in two days…? What can wait because of not-importance? And what have to wait because of you don’t know how to move?

Ask yourself “What can I do for myself?”, “What I need now? What will I need for two months?”, “What do I want do with my life?”.

3. Stick to the plan, implement. Modify if the plan doesn’t work.

4. If you didn’t do it yet, look for good therapist for you. It takes time but good specialist should help you to get to know what exactly makes you act that way, thanks to that you can change.

5. Let yourself feel at least little of things that demand to feel – sadness, powerlessness, anger, chaos, and even cheerfulness 🙂 Remember also that feeling helplessness doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. You have power. Remember, every emotion will pass away, especially if you feel it to the end. But more about it you can see in other post. You don’t have to feel everything, I know how tiring it is.

6. It’s hard… But try to accept your state. In order to not add yourself more anxiety, set your mind, intention and soul to acceptance. If you can’t accept it now, try accept that you don’t accept. Slowly aim to acknowledge that anxiety will be with you for some time, in order to not tire yourself.

The above advices aren’t professional. This is a way which I implement.

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