Do you have realistic expectations? Looking for perfection

Long time I was looking for perfect stuff, perfect people, perfect everything. It was the problem for me that everybody weren’t so kind and helpful as I wished for. It seemed like no one saw that I needed help, concern and support. I have experienced certain absence so at some point I started to expect something more than my daily reality, something that I still haven’t found. And then I stopped looking for, seeing that things are just good or neutral or just bad. And I decided to choose those just good. And I’m doing it imperfectly 🙂

My ex friend and I liked similar things and it connected us, but she (it’s a girl) couldn’t react in the support way when I needed it. The room I rented reminds me about cool and young times, but on the other side I couldn’t fall asleep calmly there because I had no doors so I used to hear every word which was saying in the kitchen when my roommates were talking in night. At college I spent time curiously but the same university wasted a lot of my time this year and I was sick of my promoter.

So in life you get set of different stuff. You get mix of good and evil. Everything what we get on with has own pros and cons. And even when you assess anything as good, it’s still not perfect. And you don’t know if it would be better or worse now, if you had chosen sth other. It’s not a movie and no one will show us how could it be in the alternative world.

So there’s a long process for me to accept that…

there’s no:

Perfect husband nor perfect wife

Perfect wedding

Perfect year

Perfect way to archive sth

Perfect plan to doing sth

Perfect person

Perfect marriage

Perfect talk

Perfect relation

Perfect place to live

Perfect neighbor

Perfect kids

Perfect work

Perfect boss

Perfect society

Perfect laptop

Perfect Bank’s offer

Perfectly selected words to post or any speech

Perfect people’s behavior in your environment

Perfect religious doctrine

Perfect motivation

Perfect e-book

Perfect you

Perfect me

Real expectations?

And people believe that they’ll meet “the one”. And that in the future they will be live better, just without own efforts. And that others live much better and that only you live so not perfectly. “The one” who supposedly exists somewhere (maybe near you or maybe in Honolulu) is supposed to show you up in captivating armour and with white horse. They supposed to be handsome, handy, affectionate, strong, resourceful, romantic, healthy, one of a kind, faithful and so on, flawless. And you? Do you meet all the requirements? Are you always nice and strong? Are you romantic and forgiving when somebody is getting on your nerves? Do you always know what to do with every difficulty? Do you look great at any time?

Your knight in armour 😉 but there’s no white horse..

You know, and here we encounter THE reality. We can catch that we expected much more from somebody close than we ourselves are able to offer. We can see that we’re all just normal, and that sometimes we have a good day, nice mood and willingness to be kind for everybody, and another time we have period, our hormones go crazy and it’s easily to say something unpleasant. In life we meet different situations, and depending on many factors once we behave better, another day worse. And supposed “the one” is just plain human too. It’s better to give them space for being just human and appreciate their real efforts 🙂     

Remember that the world is not about perfection, even Christianity is not about being perfect 🙂

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