For what?

Have you ever thought

About destination..?

About why God create you?


In that hospital in that you were born.. or in other place than hospital 

Just you as you are. With your all specificity..

Do you know that God has power to reject from you all your guilt, all your pain, all your weakness, all your hard whiles, all your sin, all your vices..?

He could. But He let “bad” things happen. It’s worth to know that He doesn’t reject you. He loves you so much that He gives you choice. Many choices. He doesn’t say: “You are created to this one thing, I impose you to do it, cuz’ you were born for this”. God says “I have for you many talents, many choices and you can even choose between goodness and evil. I give you all my never ending love. You can bury this one talent and never risk, never swim out into the depths, you can hurt your brothers, you can just sit back down in your home on a couch just doing nothing good and waste life which He gave to you. But also.. You can take this talent, develop it, discover second talent, move it, join those two or more.. And you can create something as good as..

Multifunctional machine. You can do something and look for occasion to use it to something worthy, give away love.

And He even give you choice to accept or reject Him.

God lets certain things happen. Things happen sheer.. If He lets, He knows it’s supposed to cause bigger goodness.

Sometimes He wants to use your weakness, sometimes He wants you to learn something by it or makes you better. Maybe somebody looks at us and will learn something, for example not to be similar to us. And often we will never know to what we or our weaknesses contributed during our lives..

Effects of hard whiles do not rarely lead us to thoughts.. To analysis about.. What to do, how cope with something, what was going on not good, how to not doing something anymore.. If you leave issue and you won’t redo it, it will never progress.. Just like waiting on miracle while you have some flab and you still don’t try change your diet in reality. Only planning won’t change your situation.

If we say about a pain – pain not rarery is support. Something like pillar. One strong thing supports second thing. Experience of pain often is base to creation. For example building there new reality, new values.. Without pain we’re not able to develop. In earthly life of human pain is learning.

So.. One answer to the question why God created you.. is who you are getting becoming, who you have been and who you will become. In reality where and when you live. Answer is your future, answer is all process you do from reading or listening by thinking to incarnate thoughts into action. The answer is in you. Cuz’ God will never impose to you His volition to make you believe that He created you for yourself, for Live.

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