Have you ever come for a walk guided by your feet?

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Hey !

I don’t know if you know something like sheer go out of your dwelling-place ( I don’t say ‘home’ cuz’ many people rent room – this lodging is borrowed, is not ours) and just go where your feet will take you 😀 This is just own. No one meddles, no one pulls me in his side, no else says where I have to go..

 Just if I wanna go to the park I go there. If I wanna looking at water, I go on boulevards. If I’m fancy eating an ice-cream, I’ll buy them along my way and I don’t have to obey someone else who wants go entirely otherwise and effectively affects on me to not buy ice-cream. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t promote eating ice every day or generally often. And I don’t mean do walks every time when you have a whim – we still have work and many important things to do, right? I’m telling about unprompted walking (or planned) but taking into account other elements of your life. Don’t tell that Duckling babbles not to care about your duties 😛  Anyway, it’s good to have at least one place for yourself, where you can be yourself fully. You know, at your work a boss imposes on you some (or many) tasks to do, family of origin often expects other things from you, in college is required of us role of student (it often stifles our natural expression) and if you have husband or wife and children.. They need you. And you probably have friends too. They need a talk, something a solace, support, maybe some advices. So they all have expectations towards you. So you need some space only for oneself. Just to being in it, maybe to ponder or to induce gratefulness in your heart for every component of your life. For expanse in which something has chance to get to you, where you are not blocked by incessant requirements, impositions from outside. In free space you have chance to hear your interior. Let yourself feel you free. But you should know that if you really stressed last time, you’ll not probably feel like that.. It will be demand some time and your attention and work to calm you down in order to you can enjoy that free feelings. But it is reachable 🙂 A clue for you will be sort of blogs about de-stress, it’s important to:

  • reading them attentively
  • analyzing contents of texts in your mind
  • doing notes  
  • really be up to   

If you want to read my previous post about emotions demanding to acceptance, I invite you there: Imperfection of mental state begs: “accept me”. Or maybe if you want to get to know something important about relationships, just come here: So how is it with relationships? 🙂

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