How to deal with intrusive thoughts? 15 tips

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Many articles have already mentioned about dealing with anxiety and role of meditation. However, bad or intrusive thoughts sometimes come back and they probably will accompany us to the end of our lives, more or less often. It’s nothing wrong to hear them in our minds. Some people like to dive into them, some don’t like to experience thoughts that carry negativity, fear or just discomfort.

The truth is everybody has compulsive thoughts, at least sometimes, and that’s nothing to worry.

Intrusive thoughts – what is it?

Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that just pop up in your mind, and they seem very important and are very pressing. They entail discomfort, panic and other unpleasantness.

Actually, every person has such them, but they occur less often, usually people forget about them quite often.

When you are a perfect source of recurrent thoughts?

  • frequent sitting at home, nothing to engage your mind
  • if you like thinking much, and you don’t know that some things aren’t good to consider so much
  • or you are very scrupulous
  • trying to figure out if you do an absolutely right thing, e.g. if wedding with Mr. X is a right choice and if life with him bring you the best future

Dealing with intrusive thoughts in interior – inner job

1. Observe what voices appear in your mind. Start to undermine intrusive thoughts, asking “Is that thought really true?” (I refer you to Byron Katie), “Is that what I really think? Or maybe somebody told me or I interpreted something in wrong way?”, “Do I have to believe in something that just popped up in my head?”, “Is that supportive for me?”.

Separate yourself from those anxious thoughts. You’re not them, put effort to look at them as if you were an observer. That’s important step in psychotreatment.

Catch thought and say to yourself “Oh, that’s only thought”. To understand more the topic, reach after the e-book.

2. Let it feel. Fear, hurting, helplessness, anything you feel like it pulls you down. Feel it, but remember that you aren’t helplessness and that you aren’t worse than others (others also find difficulty with unpleasant thoughts). Simultaneously, try to become neutral towards your disturbing thoughts day by day and night by night, do it in your own pace. I know that some things is hard to acknowledge when appearing things in your mind matter to you.

The best intrusive thoughts treatment is to stop fighting with thoughts, because when you fight, you reinforce their power. If you need to understand it better, there’s the e-book that explains it more, thanks to this e-guide I understand and cope much better.

3. Come back to the thing that you were doing before those anxious voices. If you were reading, continue. If you were going to bathroom, go. You don’t have to do anything under influence of things popping up in your mind, so don’t:

  • Call your aunt just because of fear about her just popped into your head.
  • Go to confession every hour just because small negligence or sins.
  • Come back home running from shop because of thought: “Maybe my house is burning now”.

What else?

Notice when you reach after those disturbing thoughts. Don’t blame yourself for reaching or having them. They just are.

Don’t dwell on intrusive thoughts meaning, cuz’ they don’t mean anything, that’s chaff, those disturbing thoughts are not to solve. That’s only thoughts.

Don’t believe in intrusive thoughts, they don’t have power. Accept them, let them be. They will be a problem until you stop focusing on them.

Exercise focusing on one thing. I know that every second is hard when you try to focus, it’s hard at the beginning. Focus on present while. The more intensively you “work” on it, the quicker you feel better. Big focusing in the moment that you are is the best treatment for intrusive thoughts.

From time to time just close your eyes, imagine how you put all thoughts aside, take a breath. Be in your inner nothingness. Believe that despite that all, you can feel at least a little peace as if you were a monk 😉

Peace is a really good treatment for intrusive thoughts. Usually we call in anxiety: “Lord, please, take away my anxiety” with despair. And that doesn’t work.

What can help is taking attitude day by day is: “Something will be pop up in my mind or won’t be, and that doesn’t matter. God, I try to trust you, you will walk me. I trust you and not those thoughts.” Pray: “God, I will bear everything. Lead me through this hard time. Help me to persist my every intrusive thought. Let me do my things and be happy with my life despite them. They aren’t me. “

Intrusive thoughts – treatment from the outside

1. Take a job or continue your current work. Or go to volunteering or engage somewhere.

2. Do something what you can develop, do what you can do, not what you can’t. Do your things.

3. Don’t let bad thoughts tell you what to do. Behave as if nothing had happened.

4. Go for a walk and slow your pace down on purpose. That way you’ll show your brain and all organism that everything is okay and that there’s no need to hurry.

5. Talk, because when you are talking with somebody, your attention is more focused on talking.

6. Start to be kinda “Lord” of your Life & take your Life in your hands. Rule your life. If you can’t rule in your mind, focus on something on you have outside control.

Let’s assume that you’ll live with those thoughts to the end of your life, what do you do? How do you want to use your life and for what?

Leave your current state of mind and do something what you want to do in life, focus on your life goal, maybe it’s time to change something in your life for better and wonder what is good in your life and what is to reject or replace.

7. Hug yourself, hug your fear, hug your anxiety.

8. When you go to sleep, turn relaxing music on, you can find it on YT, try to get into a calm song.

9. Dive into beautiful pictures, landscapes, eye-catching views. When we have a possibility to go out into park, forest or lake, that’s great. If we can’t, landscapes from YouTube or pictures placed in home also will good to observe.

10. Persist, that’s the key in healing from anxiety.

Use those tips how you want, remembering to talk kinder to yourself – more information about it you’ll find here. And let’s the priority will be your good self-treating than disturbing thoughts.

Do recurrent thoughts mean something?

They mean nothing. Intrusive thoughts are normal these days, everybody has them, but those thoughts are meaningless.

It was repeated a billion times in psychoeducation, but I’ll repeat you once again – you are not your thoughts, and if you want to repeat something in your head, repeat this one with strength: “I’m not my thoughts”. And grow 🙂

Dealing with intrusive thoughts is not easy, however you will feel the difference after many attempts. On this path you have a chance to see how much causative you can be despite the anxiety. Reach after believing in yourself before you’ll feel good and free.

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