Love – the biggest value, is it?

Well, let’s get start in a point when I found myself in hard moment of my life. I was feeling unhappy, lonely and I was feeling that something was wrong. I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t tell anyone what is really wrong, because I couldn’t define that. People were crossing my borders and I was doing what they wanted from me, I didn’t have my own priorities. I acted chaotically. Time passed and I was stuck in that position, in spite of the fact that I was becoming more conscious of bad stuffs. I realized that next things made me feel worse and chaotically. And at some point I felt that I wasn’t able to develop healthy, that something was blocked me. I wasn’t feeling understood nor truly accepted by anybody, like many of us. So I was looking for, looking for help.

Why was I seeking?

Because I didn’t want to stuck in poor point where I was feeling badly.

So what gave me seeking?

It gave me chance to find something, chance to change my inner position.

What gave me change of position in my interior?

It gave me more calm.

Why I need calm and well-being? Because they help me grow up, develop.

Why develop and grow?

Because life is development.

Stagnation doesn’t let go on. It only draws you back. We can even say that stagnation kills, because it is against existence. My being stuck in old position was death. And I would be dead if I didn’t seek. The one direction is development.

We can say that development is life.

Because nature of life is development.

And this blog is about development. Cuz’ it can give you Life.

I live for Life.

I want to help people. Why?

Because I want them protect from unnecessary harm.

Why protect them?

I don’t want them to be in similar point like me – unhappy and distressed. Of course harm helps sometimes, but it isn’t necessary to grow. In other words, you don’t have to fall down totally in order to convert or turn back. You can withdraw in the middle of way or the best at the very beginning in order to prevent from bad consequences, detriments, self-injury. Sheer better prevent than cure – it saves time, pain and often money too.

So I want good for others.

Why prevent from their unhappiness?

In order to they can develop safety, being happy, without sense of danger. Healthy development bases on general inner sense of security. Like I mentioned – development is Life. So if you want to healthy Life, work on sense of safety in your interior.

I Live for my and people’s Living.

Life is the biggest value. Many say that love is the most important. But Life is bigger than love, because in order to love, you firstly have to Live.  

Many people want to archive different things – freedom, money, family, success at work, independence, fame, building beautiful house, etc. But they too little remember about keep gratitude for foundations which is Life. Of course success, family, house etc. are nothing wrong. Here’s about acknowledge value which is Life, because Life is basis of everything what you got.   

See how important is life of kid for parents. Adults usually fight about life of kid. They simply enjoy much newborn. Despite the fact that kid doesn’t have anything yet (doesn’t have success, newborn can’t speak, walk etc.), without life. Newborn isn’t capable to love consciously yet. And parents want them to live, though. It’s natural.

We even say ‘fight for life and death’ and not ‘fight for love and hatred’. We hear ‘it’s matter of life and death’ and not “‘it’s matter of love and hate”.

Love doesn’t exist without life. So life is before love.

We could say that love is life kind of. Love carries with it life. When you love, you care. You care to keep something existing and to keep something developing – so you give life. Love is fertile. But in order to give life, it has to live. It has to exist. So love implies life.

There’s no love without Life. And there’s no Life without Love.  

I remember that person who explained me that Life is above love, was my catechist in high school, when he was alive. During his lifetime I got chance to hear what’s the most important, what’s the most precious. He handed me something what I understand now better. He had life, he passed it on to others by giving us so meaning cognizance. I enjoyed lessons with him. Other teenagers didn’t appreciate him, they were laughing at him and I’m sorry. It’s sad. They rather didn’t notice how big issues he was trying to share us, they didn’t recognize his teaching. But do they Live during their living today? Did or will they realize what Life really is? And how much Life means?

I don’t know. But I know that I didn’t laugh then nor now. I appreciated his contribution when he was still alive.

And people so often appreciate somebody only after someone’s death.

And, if you’re a Catholic, so you know now that Jesus, giving his earthly life, gave everything what He had in His earthly life, in order to you could live. Just take this Gift.

Use your Life well.      

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2 thoughts on “Love – the biggest value, is it?

    1. Of course, you can think how you want to. It’s your choice what you believe in. Is this thinking helps you in something?
      If you ask me why to live and put effort in life, personally I believe that if I got life, it’s worth to use it well, care about myself and care about others. I’m convinced that we all receive life for something. It’s up to person what they want live for.

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