Imperfection of mental state begs: “Accept me!”

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No one of us is full functional nor healthy in all. We all succumb many illusions or difficult psychological reactions.. Something happens, somebody can’t come through mourning or isn’t able to break fear of people. Psychology impacts on us, because many processes are normal and often transition, e.g. it’s normal that we have down fettle when something unpleasant occurs to us or to ours closer people, that’s normal feeling sorry, sympathy. What’s important – we shouldn’t fight against it and force to feel joy. Better let it be. So long how somebody needs. It’s important to good work out of difficulties in order to not fall in psychic illness. To not induce worse condition we should accept present condition. No one has right to appoint the end time of sadness or pique towards you. Of course, we have to react on pathological states which really extend. So much not perfect that mental state that often doesn’t allow us to scoop everything what we want to.. Instead of it, life gives us to experience quandaries 😛 and orders to extract ourselves from them.

I know that easily to say to accept emotions and feelings or anything what is up in your mind and maybe you don’t agree with acceptance different states in yourself or maybe you want reconcile with your mental state immediately but better know it will take you some time.. That’s important to understand it.  I know cuz’ I’m still in this process. Beginning and keep efforts is essential, pivotal here.

With all this passing and acceptance your mental state is connected acceptance of yourself generally. But about it I’m gonna tell you more in other inscription 😉

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