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There’s plenty information about manipulation on the net. We can find articles about its examples, techniques, ways of defence and how to extricate yourself from it. There’s little pages which explain why manipulative person manipulates. In this post we’ll look closer at this phenomenon in order to understand it.

This article is NOT approval for manipulation!

First obvious thing is fact that manipulative person want to gain something. Simultaneously this person hasn’t been taught partner style. This style means in general respect towards oneself and others. Inter alia it’s about taking into account needs, time, opinions, will, expectations, goals, ideas, feelings, perspectives and emotions. I’m pointing out that taking into account doesn’t mean consent to opinions nor abandoning own views. Coming back, when we start to say aloud what we see, how we feel, set borders and say „No”, atmosphere gets tense, manipulative person protests, wools over our eyes, names facts in untrue way.

I mentioned that they can’t use partner style. It means that they haven’t had environment in which they have could learn it. So, moving on, manipulative person hasn’t had support nor good example. So they haven’t been treated on an equal footing. So they use method which they know. As we can use only methods which we know. What they know is treatment others in non-partner way. So they put themselves in their victims’ shoes or they behave in aggressive way. So they don’t care about themselves when they succumb or they try to care but at the expense of other people. Both attitudes aren’t healthy. In the first place human has to care about themselves. They can’t do it in every way, because we live in society together, and needs of other people are just as important as ours.

Manipulation is just humiliating.

Reference should be made to sense of own importance, because when this sense is healthy, adequate and well-established, person feels okay with themselves and then they don’t have need of humiliate others, and manipulation is just humiliation, because manipulation forces people to doing something what they don’t want to. Manipulation is denial of respect towards somebody’s decisions. And manipulators don’t feel well with themselves, although they don’t admit it.

Next thing is fact that manipulator is in a hole. They need help. And when somebody refuses to help, manipulative person has no choice but forcing their victims, in order to achieve own gains. They don’t see other alternatives. Moreover, they demand a lot. It often results from fact that they haven’t received sufficient support and healthy love. So they beg it from others. They believe that they are entitled to everything. They are hungry for attention. So when you give them your little finger, they devour your whole hand, leg, head and everything. We sensitive people are especially exposed to manipulations and emotional blackmail.

Manipulators check your boundaries. Subconsciously or on purpose they recognize that they can use you. They see that their manipulations work. Why they work? Because you let them work. But how? Like that:

  • e.g. you agree to do overtime in your work or even you offer stay late yourself
  • you don’t protest when somebody tries convince you to smaller or bigger favors (as for example order a taxi at your expense)
  • you trust easily
  • you don’t know unwritten social rules (you can’t defend yourself, cuz’ you don’t know from what)
  • you don’t control your empathy nor your sensitivity

And all you can do is change above points in your life. Advanced manipulators won’t change. Why? Because it doesn’t pay to. There will always somebody who fall for manipulations.

Manipulative person doesn’t have to be aware that they manipulate. That’s why don’t wait till manipulator tells you that they manipulate. And don’t ask them: “Do you manipulate me?”, otherwise you’ll hear a load of rubbish and things like: “How can you accuse me of something like that?!”, and they’ll try to manipulate you again and more, making you feel guilty.     


Comment and let me know what you think. Have you had any adventures with manipulative people? 

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