So how is it with relationships?


Many of us know it 😀 many wait on this „one” but actually something like ‘this one’ doesn’t exist. Cuz’ it’s you and that second person choose to each one – by decision or bed-stuffs choose for you both, but anyway relation depends from your mutual decision. Anyhow, relationship will never be perfect. And indeed it’s not the point in relationships’ gist. There’s always be certain quarrels, cuz’ we are different, sometimes we have different needs, expectations, looking at situations. Sometimes wife or husband (or child) has bad day and feels worse and at the same time second person has excellent moon to fun. It’s necessary to respect own and other’s emotions, needs, confines and maybe even cancel a date when second person is ill or sth like that or because of sth important. About not-perfection in relationship I could write long 😛 But in a nutshell – relationship itself is based on people that are in themselves not-perfect 😉 There’s always be discrepancies in thinking, so worth to try unify activity despite of unconstructive communication and reality other than expectations… But about it in other post 😉  

Generally it’s really hard to cope with oneself, handle with own internal conflict, work on own emotions. Cooperation with other human, who also struggles with own difficulties is even bigger challenge. Attempt of bring together both worlds requires a lot of persistence. Getting to know second person, learning how to respond to their needs, giving adequate distance – there are demanding matters and simultaneously important issues. Of course, it isn’t perfect. People need much time to form new schemes, habits in themselves, in order to react better towards somebody. Change is the more difficult, the longer person repeated the same (and often not effective) action.

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