You matter :)

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Hey! I just came to say that you’re important 🙂 You matter.

Can you imagine yourself who says the same to you? Or maybe you feel resistance, discomfort…? That’s okay. I also used to have “What? I have to say to myself that I’m important? To me, with my disadvantages?”

So much for my “self-love” in the past, could say that from my previous life.

Today it will be short.

Remember to imagine good and relaxing things. We need it. We matter, no matter how our imaginations can be terrifying. That’s why instead feed our minds problems that don’t even exist, let’s send good pictures to our subconsciouses.

To your Life could flourish, you’ve gotta start believe that you matter. Nobody’ll make your life good, and nobody’s faith in you can’t directly change you. But when somebody has faith in you, trust them 🙂 Sometimes under the influence of somebody’s faith we learn to believe in ourselves. God sends us different people and that’s way He tells us “U matter”, “U can do much”, “I’m with U”.

Remember that you live right now. Does your Life go in good side? Do you know why you uphold certain decisions? Or maybe under the influence of emotions you don’t stick to good decision? Do you still have the same dream that in the past? If yes, when can you realize it? Wonder calmly, reasonably without hurry, because your Life matters.

I did many things without thought, that way I was acting very chaotic and without direction.

Now I’m going cuz’ I have other task! 😉

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